February 1, 2007

ZAP-X Crossover Electric Car to be shown at NADA

ZAP-X Crossover Electric Car
American ZAP company plans to show-off its conceptual ZAP-X crossover electric vehicle during the upcoming NADA annual meeting and exhibition, February 3 to 6, 2007.

ZAP-X Crossover Electric Car (back, doors open)

Although still in pre-production phase, the ZAP-X crossover said to feature all-wheel-drive, 350 mile driving range (an auxiliary power unit is planned to support longer distance journeys) and stunning 10 minutes recharge time. The vehicle is based on the award-winning Lotus APX prototype CUV.

Featuring light-weight aluminum chassis, "evolutionary" in-hub electric motors and advanced battery management systems, the vehicle is capable of producing up to 644 hp in all-wheel-drive mode and a potential top speed of 155mph.

ZAP-X Crossover Electric Car (back)

There is still no info on when the vehicle will be available to order and how much it will actually cost but I'm pretty sure it will be much less expensive than the upcoming hybrid version of the Porsche Cayenne SUV.

ZAP-X Crossover Electric Car (dashboard)

Photos: Lotus Cars

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Elizabeth Urlacher said...

This is so fantastic!

I am delighted to see this beautiful SUV!

Looking forward to seeing the Zap-X all over our Canadian roads!


Elizabeth Urlacher
Red Deer, Alberta, Canada

earthsteward said...

How much?! How much?! How much?!
I want it! I want it! I want it! Oooops! That was my inner child expressing what I long for. It's great! Get one here quick!

nektotigra said...

2 earthsteward

Well, as far as I understand, the ZAP-X will cost some $60K apiece ;)