April 27, 2007

Edo Competition tunes VW Touareg. Makes it a Porsche

Edo Competition has unveiled its new tuning program for the recently updated VW Touareg SUV. As usual for the German super-tuner, the program is focused around pumping-out some additional horsepower out of the vehicle's standard engine, as well as getting the souped-up model more stable on the road.

Edo Competition tunes VW Touareg

Details are scars but the company claims increasing Touareg's engine's performance by up to 70hp and reaching not so bad 360 hp (although the new 32-valve V8 FSI produces around 350 hp) and raising its peak torque to enormous 850 Nm @ 2,200 rpm.

After these modifications, the Touareg accelerates from zero to 60 in just 6.9 seconds and reaches a top speed of 160 mph, God help us!

Edo Competition VW Touareg (back)

To get this power under control, Edo Competition's engineers have equipped the new Volkswagen Touareg with new 6-piston sport brake system with larger 380mm disks and new 22-inch wheels sizes 10,0x22 ET60 with 295/30R22 for the front axle and 10,0x22 ET48 with 295/30R22 for the rear axle.

The SUV's ground clearance may also be decreased with new electronic lowering module.

Edo Competition tunes VW Touareg (with a Porsche coupe)

The VW Touareg tuned by Edo Competition also features new stainless-steel 4 x 89 mm round tailpipes, new chrome frame grille insert set, new muffler and fender widening set with side skirts and modified rear bumper.

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