August 24, 2007

Phoenix electric SUV to be delayed?

It seems that Phoenix Motorcars company will not be able to start shipping its long-awaited SUVs and SUTs by this fall as it was promised. The company still struggles to work through certification process with ARB, solve problems with financing and set their own production facility. The first vehicles will be shipped to customers in early 2008. So far the company has received 500 orders for the vehicle.

Phoenix electric SUV

The vehicle in question is based on the Chinese-owned and Korea-produced Ssangyong Actyon SUV and Ssangyong Actyon Sport SUT. The Actyon's internal combustion engine is replaced with an electric motor, which is powered by lithium titanate batteries. Currently, the EV SUV may run about 130 miles on a single charge reaching a top speed of 100 mph.

Phoenix electric SUV (back)

Produced by Altair Nanotechnologies, lithium titanate batteries have significant advantage over the other types of electric accumulators -- once exhausted, they may be recharged in about half an hour.

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