September 29, 2010

2015 Porsche Cajun / Roxster will rival the Range Rover Evoque?

The 2015 Porsche Cajun (not Roxster, folks, sorry) will possibly be built on the Volkswagen Group's MLB / MLP platform and will most clearly set its sights on the recently revealed Range Rover Evoque coupe-shaped compact crossover SUV.

Talking to the German newspaper Der Spiegel, VAG's Chairman of the Board of Management Martin Winterkorn has confirmed that the company is working on a smaller sibling to their violently successful Porsche Cayenne crossover SUV, "which might be named Cajun."

Although Mr. Winterkorn didn't go into details, it is pretty safe to assume that the upcoming product will be performance-oriented and will probably target the same niche that will soon be occupied by Land Rover's new baby: the 2011 Range Rover Evoque three-door coupe crossover SUV. Being only around 4350 mm long and 1600 mm high, this is going to be the smallest luxury SUV on the overcrowded market.

The Porsche Cajun / FKA Roxster will most possibly be built on the MLB Modular Longitudinal Platform that underpins the new Audi Q5. Unfortunately, it is almost impossible to guess the vehicle's size, because, thanks to the modularity of the platform, it is flexible enough to build rather compact Audi Q5 and A4, as well as much larger Audi A8 (D4) executive sedan.

It is also unknown, whether Porsche will decide to embrace the newly invented concept of a small three-door sports activity coupe or will stick to the tried and true five-door wagon.

Well, looking at the market, which is just choking with compact crossovers of different sorts, I could place a small bet that the Porsche Cajun will be presented as a three-door model. While daringly impractical and expensive, it will also certainly be poetically rebellious and creative, reminding us of those good old times when rock was hard and cars were deadly.

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