March 19, 2007

Sketches of Zap's new 644hp electric crossover SUV released

After the successful presentation of its Lotus APX demonstrator at NADA in February 2007, ZAP has released first set of sketches of its upcoming (if ever) electric-powered crossover SUV. Based on the all-aluminum Lotus APX concept, the ZAP-X will reportedly feature a 644 horsepower electric motor and a top speed of 155 mph.

ZAP-X electric crossover SUV

What's even more promising is that the vehicle will have a generous 350-mile driving range and its lithium-ion batteries will feature a meager 10-minute recharge time. The batteries will be recharged on the road with the help of vehicle's Photovoltaic glass windows and windshields.

ZAP-X electric crossover SUV (back)

The ZAP-X electric crossover SUV will also have an Apple iPod-ready onboard computer with Windows XP, HD-video, FireWire, Wi-Fi, MiniUSB and Bluetooth connectivity.

So, as you see, the ZAP-X will be a really fun to drive crossover, which even treehuggers will love. Hope, it won't become another waporware.

Images and source: ZAP

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