October 4, 2010

2012 Range Rover Evoque 5-door compact SUV to be revealed in L.A.

The Indian-owned British brand has decided to present a five-door version of the recently presented Range Rover Evoque compact crossover SUV.

The company will officially pull the wraps off the five-door modification (that was clearly inspired by the 2009 Aston Martin Lagonda concept SUV) in November, 2010 at the upcoming international motor show in Los Angeles.

Details are still scarce (to say the least) as to the vehicle's specifications, but, judging by the official photos of the car, the small crossover will be of about the same length as the original tree-door version, i.e. around 4350 mm, which makes it shorter than the new Hyundai ix35 and Audi Q5 compact SUVs.

The car will presumably have to fight its way to customers' hearts against Porsche's upcoming Cajun / Roxster small SUV, but it is going to be a more than trivial task if Range Rover will stick to the current line-up of fuel saving diesels and small-displacement turbocharged petrol engines.

While the claimed fuel efficiency of 48 mpg looks more than stunning to normal motorists, it is almost nothing for those buying a premium-priced SUV, especially if there will be a similarly sized and adequately powered competitor from the German brand that has a reputation of making the most reliable and driver-oriented sports cars in the world.

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